My E Health Cigarette Review

May 8, 2011

The E Health Cigarette was the first cigarette i have ever used, i bought it because i was skeptical if electronic cigarettes even worked and the E Health Cigarette was cheap.

After about 3 weeks i got my E Health Cigarette in the mail, I couldn’t wait to use it i thought for sure i could quit smoking if it worked.

First I fully charged the battery, then I tried puff, it tasted terrible, and i hardly got any smoke from it. I tried sucking on the E Health electric cigarette as hard as i could, i got one tiny puff of smoke, i kept trying until my lips were sore, only getting tiny worthless puffs of smoke…. Then the battery died completely.

I pretty much gave up on electronic cigarettes for a while, then decided to give another brand a try called the Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette. It is reasonably priced, and when i first got it, i was able to get alot of smoke from it right out of the box, I was able to blow four O’s off a single puff, i was impressed, and ontop of that you can feel the smoke from it hit the back of your throat like a normal cigarette. I’ve been smoking those ever since, ive also tried other brands of electronic cigarettes, Nothing Really compares to Green Smoke. I Hope This E Health Cigarette Review helped you purchase the right electronic Cigarette the first time, So you don’t waste your money on a poor quality electronic cigarette.